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Chester Santos makes his mark as a teacher of memory


March 26, 2013


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San Francisco's “International Man of Memory” Teaches

Extreme Brain Power Skills Through Memory-Building Workshops, Proving Success With Man With Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder

SAN FRANCISCO – Known simply as The International Man of Memory, Chester Santos has one of the best minds in the U.S. His ability to memorize cards, random numbers, and names and faces with ease has made him an 8-time finalist and 2008 winner of the U.S. Memory Championship.

Now, Santos, a UC Berkeley graduate, has turned his focus to giving back. Specifically that almost anyone can learn to improve their mind immensely.

His proof is Harry Villegas.

For more than a year, Santos, a transplanted New York native, has been mentoring Villegas, the renowned owner of San Francisco's Playland Bar on Polk Street. More incredible is the fact that Villegas suffers from dyslexia and attention deficit disorder.

“Before I found Chester, I was just horrible with remembering numbers,” Villegas says. “Even if it was just three digits, the numbers in my head would just melt away like water. Now, I can do some remarkable things with my mind, and everyone is just blown away.”

On March 16, Santos and Villegas were in New York City, competing in the 2013 U.S. Memory Championships, as teacher and student. Santos made it to his eighth finals, but more importantly Villegas hit all his goals. He memorized 76 random numbers and 40 cards both in five minutes. He came in 15th place in both.

“Harry hit every single goal we set out for him,” Santos says. “It was an excellent day for Team Harry and Chester. For Harry to overcome dyslexia and attention deficit disorder and do so well is amazing. It's really a testament that anyone can do this, given the right training and techniques.”

Now that the competition is behind him, Santos will begin concentrating once again on conducting workshops in San Francisco and lecturing around the country. He lectures to countless groups and organizations, and also offers personalized one-on-one instruction. He presents his workshops at least twice a month at the San Francisco Tennis Club. His next workshop is March 30. At each lecture students learn how to memorize names and faces, random numbers, speeches and foreign languages.

“Of course, it's great to compete and do well,” Santos says. “But for me, there's really no better enjoyment than helping others, and getting letters and emails from people like Harry who say I helped changed their lives.

Please feel free to click the link below to see Santos and Villegas.


MEDIA: Chester Santos is available for television, radio, print, magazine and Internet interviews regionally and nationally, and will happily demonstrate his skills.

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“International Man of Memory”

Chester Santos is one of the world’s foremost experts on memory training. He has crafted his memory skills at the U.S. Memory Championships through the years, winning the event in 2008. Santos, a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, is a professional speaker, coach and corporate trainer in the area of memory improvement and mental fitness, and assists thousands of people to realize the importance and benefits of an improved, sharper memory. Previously, Santos has appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post, USA Today, PBS, CNN and various television, radio, print and Internet media. His website is

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