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A great memory is something you can develop! Imagine members of your audience being able to remember names, facts, figures, new terminology, foreign languages, exam material, and much more! Chester has been entertaining and educating audiences around the world for more than a decade.  His presentations are "unforgettable" experiences that help people to unlock the hidden power of their minds.

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As a National Memory Champion, Chester Santos has used the skills he has honed to teach thousands of people to reach their potential to develop a powerful memory that benefits them for the rest of their lives!

Memory is a powerful tool in this fast moving age. Chester teaches memory techniques to a range of people across many different professions. He believes that anyone is capable of doing amazing things with their mind.

Audience members will learn simple techniques that will help them to:

    • Remember the name of every single person that they ever meet.
    • Have instant recall of important business related facts and figures.
    • Give eloquent speeches and presentations from memory without notes.
    • Learn foreign languages.
    • Master material for exams.
    • Improve brain fitness.

Chester Santos is a gifted teacher and memory expert with over 10 years of achievements in the field of memory.

    • A respected international speaker and corporate trainer in the area of memory improvement and brain fitness with clients that include Fortune 500 companies, large international associations, and prestigious universities.
    • The brains behind the iPhone application, ‘Steel Trap’ ranked as high as #2 in education applications in the US, as well as being ranked in the top 50 paid applications overall in the US.
    • Best-selling author of the books, "Instant Memory Training for Success", published by leading academic publisher John Wiley & Sons (Wiley), and "Mastering Memory: Techniques to Turn Your Brain from a Sieve to a Sponge", published by leading nonfiction publisher Sterling Publishing (Sterling).
    • Media personality, highly sought after for his skills and expertise, that has appeared in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and film.

Chester has demonstrated all of the following for live audiences:

    • Memorized and perfectly recalled a 100+ digit sequence of numbers after looking at it for only five minutes.
    • Memorized and perfectly recalled an entire deck of playing cards in less than 90 seconds.
    • Learned hundreds of random words, names & faces, and poetry, in a matter of minutes.
    • Perfect recall of all Kentucky Derby results since it started in the year 1875.
    • Perfect recall of the entire United States Congress.

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